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OMG! He fucks my wife in ways I could never do, and she loves him for that, she belongs to him, and he owns my wife! As she says “He is her Real Husband”!


White bois start watching porn when they’re puny dicked teenagers and they realize they aren’t very manly. But, they think to themselves, those big, throbbing white dicks two inches bigger than mine are just cause porn stars are better hung than the average guy. And as they go on in life they keep watching cute girls blowing dicks and riding them, only sooner or later they’re gonna come across the interracial section. There’s no way they can say they could measure up to a real stud, a black hunk with a foot long beast in his pants.

They’re so ashamed of their tiny “manhood” and yet they keep watching and keep whacking off. What they don’t yet realize is that they no longer can possibly imagine themselves in the place of the super stud black guy. They’re watching this imagining being the cute white slut.

Don’t they want to be her? You bet they do!

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You know I wasn’t done with you after just one load.

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